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Don’t Get Taken by the Business of Fitness

The misapplied exercise programs of today are a significant cause of some of our obesity problems and the many failures within the fitness industry. Most people I meet that are over 40 who were avid exercisers in their 20’s and 30’s that participated in some or all of the fad programs and diets of the past,… Read more…

Welcoming New Faces to The Crest

Not only has our summer renovation breathed fresh life into The Crest, but our continued growth as a local fitness and health club has dictated the welcoming of new faces! We are pleased to introduce two new fitness class instructors: Michaela Ariana and Jennifer. Be sure to say hello when you spot them on your… Read more…

Helping a Member Meet Her Weight Goal

In 2001, Hope Roehrs weighed nearly 300 pounds and elected to have gastric bypass surgery, helping her to lose 130 pounds within ten months. After the surgery, Hope ate less at each meal, but her choices of food were still unhealthy. Her poor eating habits over several years caused her to regain 80 pounds. In July… Read more…

Things to Know Before Joining a Health Club

Number ONE When you go to any Health Club, you will be given a contract.  You need to be sure of what you are getting in to.  Many will give you “outs” that will only cost you more money when you try to leave.  Others will lock you in for 2 or 3 years without… Read more…

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