I like the club alot. I like the fact that it is not full of muscle-bound ego-maniacsmostly normal folks like me trying to get in shape!

I like working out at the Crest. Nice people work and workout there. I don’t feel like i have to compete with anyone, and i can do my own thing without having to listen to a lot of yelling or grunting. I rarely every have to wait for a station or machine. It has most everything i need, and not a lot that i don’t. It is reasonably priced and clean. Convenience is big for me. It’s on my way home from work, and that is the main thing that pushes me to go…if i drive by and don’t go work out (at least 3 times a week) i feel like i am slighting myself.

I’ve only just begun, but I enjoy the staff, especially Nick.

This is the best gym in Wilmington…hands down.

What  a Great Gym-Everyone is very considerate and nice! The staff is always helpful! Great place to work out and get healthy!

I love there no pressure sales atmosphere. Also, I like fact that it is not overcrowded

It has a very personal feel-everyone is friendly. The trainers and staff are so attentive.

Excellent no BS fitness club! Very kind and attentive staff. Nothing fancy with the equipment, but more than adequate to do anything one needs to reach his/her fitness goals.

I love working out at the Crest because of its small, welcoming environment.

I like the staff. They always say hi and make me feel welcome. I like the nieghborhood atmosphere and that if I want to be left alone that is also a option. Some of the classes are very good and I like that they are small.

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