I like the size. Everyone seems to know everybody. The members and staff are friendly. It is not over-crowded.

Not only are the staff friendly and helpful, but so are most of the people who go there.

It has a very personal feel-everyone is friendly. The trainers and staff are so attentive.

I’ve always been very pleased with what the Crest has to offer. I appreciate having a club nearby that offers childcare!! I often prefer classes to the equipment

I do like Crest Fitness a lot. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. It also is not as crowded as other gyms I have belonged to.

I am not a gym person and swore I would never join one. Thanks to my personal trainer my opinion has changed. I feel very comfortable working out at the Crest and I’m not embarrassed by the crazy things she makes me do in front of everyone because the atmosphere is upbeat and cheery. We can all laugh and not be embarrassed. I love it!

Its close to my house, I like the size of the facility and its not some place where everyone is trying to become a bodybuilder. Just get in shape.

Awesome, terrific atmosphere, staff and equipment.

The club works great for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a club, so I can’t really compare. It has everything I need right now.

I like the friendly atmosphere of the staff and, like the infamous CHEERS bar, eveyone knows my name.

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