I love working out at the Crest because of its small, welcoming environment.

I love the Crest! Everyone is friendly and willing to help. I am always greeted by name, whether I come in the morning or evening. I think the new lettering on the outside looks great – people now know where the Crest is when I say I work out there. Scott is the best trainer I’ve worked with – he is extremely knowledge about exercise and makes it fun to work out!

I love there no pressure sales atmosphere. Also, I like fact that it is not overcrowded

Out of all the gyms I’ve even been a member of, The Crest is the cleanest and has some of the best equipment

This is the best gym in Wilmington…hands down.

I like the staff. They always say hi and make me feel welcome. I like the nieghborhood atmosphere and that if I want to be left alone that is also a option. Some of the classes are very good and I like that they are small.

I am not a gym person and swore I would never join one. Thanks to my personal trainer my opinion has changed. I feel very comfortable working out at the Crest and I’m not embarrassed by the crazy things she makes me do in front of everyone because the atmosphere is upbeat and cheery. We can all laugh and not be embarrassed. I love it!

This is the best gym

I have been a Crest member for the last 4 years. I can honestly say that the owner of this club cares about helping people get into shape and also providing a clean and very well run facility. The recent renovations and expansion were by far the best yet.

I like the easy-going relaxed atmosphere, all walks of life, all fitness needs, I don’t feel out of place even though I’m out of shape!

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