About Us

About Us

Welcome to Crest Fitness:
Created with Your Goals in Mind!

People don’t want to be judged, gawked at or hassled when working out. Everyone has different goals when they start, but they all want results. The benefits are what keeps our members coming back. You too can achieve your goals and experience these results:

  • Lose weight you’ll feel better about how you look and feel.
  • Increase strength to burn more calories every hour.
  • More energy to keep up with your busy life.
  • Vitality for life and let everyone see you still have it.
  • Stamina to cruise through your days.
  • Flexibility so you can continue to move freely as you age.
  • Feel younger than your years.
  • Live longer and enjoy your later years.
  • Tone up so you can see those muscles again; they’re still there!

At The Crest Fitness Club, we realize there are NO quick fixes. If you have tried to feel youngerlook better and enjoy life more, yet failed… Crest Fitness is the best solution to get you back on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Our “New” Elite Memberships give you one “Free” 1/2 hour fitness coaching session every single month you are a member.

In 1984 The Crest originally opened in Wrightsville Beach on Lumina Ave. In 2002 Nick and Wanda Kentrolis took over ownership and now we are located in The Lumina Commons Shopping Center. The Crest offers fitness programs based on exercise physiology and not marketing hype. We are your neighborhood fitness Club and we treat you like family. Our team has extensive fitness credentials and many years of experience to help you succeed.  We care about your success and your results. Our trainers have been certified in either NSCA, ACSM, NASM or NPTI.

New to the Crest? Check out our Getting Started Page!

8 Reasons Your Friends and Neighbors Love The Crest Fitness Club


-Over 30 Group Fitness Classes a week
-Over 60 Stations of strength and free weights
-More cardio per member than any area club
-Mye entertainment
-Strength training equipment for all levels
-Over 6,000 square feet to enjoy
-Our certified Personal Training team
-Educational seminars for members and friends
All the Extras:
-Personal amenities in each locker room
-Fully stocked Phuza Juice Bar
-Free Group Fitness classes
-Pro-Shop with Crest Fitness T-Shirts
-Nutritional products and help
-Diet assistance and weight-loss programs
-Discount plans available for extra savings
-Spotless facility and locker rooms
-Fun and inviting atmosphere
-Membership options to fit every need
-Free Cardio theater to enjoy
-Juice smoothie Bar to re-energize
-Expert assistance with your workouts
-Personal training available for fast results
-Group fitness classes for all levels
-Monitor and tracking of your progress
-Online customized nutrition programs
-Invigorating workouts
-Guidance and assistance when needed
-Refreshing drinks and snacks
Support & Service:
-Our focus as a community club
-Free training for new members to get comfortable
-Front desk and floor assistance always available
-Certified instructors and trainers
-Crest Fitness is close to home and work
-Plenty of free parking in our lot
-Free towel service
-Close to everything you need each day
-Private lockers and shower facilities
-Great hours
-Membership options to suit any need
-Fitness programs for all levels
-Group classes for motivation
-Personal Training for 1 on 1 attention
-Tracking and monitoring to watch your progress!
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