The Crest 16 Week Challenge

February 20th – June 12th, 2017

Commit to Being the Best You Can Be

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Taking the first step to getting fit can be difficult, but once you walk through the front door and join us at The Crest, half the battle has been won. The second simple step: getting started! Numerous studies have shown that those who begin their exercise program with a routine are more likely to succeed than those who don’t. This 16-Week Challenge helps you do just that, since it rewards you for exercising just 3-days per week. This program will help your mind and body become accustom to and hopefully enjoy the benefits of exercising.

It is our experience at The Crest Fitness Club that if a person does not see results with their exercise program in the first few months they will get very discouraged and probably give up. Therefore, we’re here to help you get started in the right direction. This program gives you all the benefits of our Fitness Membership. You will receive an equipment orientation session, fitness assessment and three additional personal fitness training sessions. But the beauty of this program is that once we have your workout routine written on your exercise card, any one of our Fitness Coaches or Personal Trainers are able to help you when you need help and once a month you will receive a personal fitness assessment to track your progress and a modified workout program.

Whether you are trying to lose body fat and get toned or trying to gain muscle without losing any weight or just stay healthy; exercise in combination with nutrition is extremely important. The exercise and nutrition program we teach is not designed to make you just lose weight, but rather to make you lose weight and be healthy, which gives you a better chance to keep the weight off. Our #1 goal is for you to get the results you want by educating you on how to eat and exercise the right way. Because of this, we have several experienced trainers available to help you achieve your goals.

Registration Begins February 13th!

This program is made for those who have little or no knowledge of resistance training and/or nutrition, so do not be discouraged if you are unsure of what to do when you first come in. We cannot stress enough that we are here to help you! As part of the 16-Week Challenge we custom design a workout plan for each participant to help encourage and create realistic benchmarks. Additional one-on-one training is available during your 16-Week Challenge by asking the front desk for information about our knowledgeable trainers.

During the 16-Week Challenge, every participant will receive points for the various activities they complete, including each time you visit The Crest Fitness Club to workout, along with attending any of our group exercise classes. You can also get points for performing cardio and receiving personal training. The winner of the challenge is based on total points earned, so while there may be several participants with amazing results, the one who has made the greatest commitment to look their best and participated in all that the challenge has to offer will be victorious with a FREE one-year Elite Membership to The Crest & $100 in Crest Bucks to use for training, membership, PhuzaJuice or anything else in our Pro-Shop!

Since it takes time for your body to start burning substantial calories and losing body fat, we’ll be here to help ensure that you do not get discouraged if you do not feel as though you are seeing results quick enough. It took time for your body to get into the current shape it is in, and your body will need time to adjust to the new exercise program and healthier way of eating. It is during the last eight weeks that you really start to see some major changes. So come by The Crest Fitness Club today or contact Nick directly to learn more, and join the next Crest Fitness Club 16-Week Challenge. We look forward to helping you transform your body. Check out the 16-Week Challenge Brochure.

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