Crest Offers

Crest Offers

Tired of the big box gym? Frustrated with waiting in line to use machines? Do you feel like cattle being herded in and out of the pastures – just a tag on your ear, and no one knows your name?

Well, come to The Crest Fitness Club and see all that we have to offer!

FacilityWith some of the newest equipment and machines in the area, and a friendly staff and crew of experienced personal trainers always available to assist you with questions or techniques, The Crest is just what you have been missing in your journey to better health and wellness!

We offer several tiers of membership plus several add-ons to help each individual attain the results they are looking for. Not only do we provide after hours key card access to our members and several fitness class offerings every week, but we also offer an online nutrition program for meal ideas and tracking and sell fresh fruit smoothies at our Phuza Juice Bar in-club!

We make it easy for you to try out The Crest to see what you have been missing in a health club membership with our no-obligation 5-day Free Trial. Get started on the path to a new you today by signing up for a 5-day Free Trial at The Crest Fitness Club.

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