Member Policies

Inviting a Guest to The Crest

Members may introduce local guests to the club at any time provided the member host or a valid guest pass accompanies them. However, guests are only allowed to visit the club during staffed hours. Any member giving after-hours access to a non-member or expired member will automatically be charged a $100.00 security violation fee and/or will forfeit their membership with the balance due and payable immediately. Guest passes permit conditional visits as follows:

  • There is a $10 Guest Fee if a member accompanies the guest.
  • Guest Fee must be paid unless waived by club management.
  • Guests must be under the supervision of a Fitness Coach or Certified Personal Trainer.
  • Out-of-town guest and non-member guest fees are $20 for the day.
  • Any guest fee paid may be applied toward monthly membership cost within 24 hours.

Safety & Security After Hours

The Crest Fitness Club and the surrounding premises are under 24-hour recorded video surveillance. This video system is used for security purposes only in the event of a crime. The surveillance system does not protect you from harm in or on the building premises. You must use caution when entering or leaving the building. Security buttons for FIRE, POLICE and MEDICAL emergencies are mounted beside the courtesy phone that will call 911 immediately if pressed. Individuals with health problems should never exercise alone. For liability reasons and for your own security, do not admit ANY individual who does not possess a membership card or those who are denied access to The Crest Fitness Club (even if they have a membership card).

Non-members wishing to view the club need to make an appointment with a staff member before entering. Please respect this policy. Use the courtesy telephone if you feel threatened or witness suspicious activity. You agree to not let anyone in the club for any reason other than uniformed emergency personnel. Do not allow another person to enter the club with you at the same time you enter (only one person may enter per card scan). Do not allow anyone else (including family members) to use your key card, or scan anyone in, or open the door to allow someone else in. Please make sure the door is completely closed when you enter/leave the facility. Failure to comply with The Crest Fitness Club’s security policies could put yourself or others at risk for injury or harm and could result in you losing your membership privileges.