I do like Crest Fitness a lot. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. It also is not as crowded as other gyms I have belonged to.

I love there no pressure sales atmosphere. Also, I like fact that it is not overcrowded

It’s small and comfortable and affordable and convenient for me. I love it!

I like that it is rarely crowded. It is seldom that I wait for equipment which is real important to me considering I’m usually pressed for time and try to get in and out of the gym in one hour.

The club has a very friendly and neighborhood type atmosphere. I feel very comfortable coming to this club.

I like the club alot. I like the fact that it is not full of muscle-bound ego-maniacsmostly normal folks like me trying to get in shape!

Nice choice of studio classes

I’ve enjoyed working out there because of the size of the club. I am never intimidated when I come in, but would be in a larger club.

I’ve always been very pleased with what the Crest has to offer. I appreciate having a club nearby that offers childcare!! I often prefer classes to the equipment

I’ve been a member since it re-opened years ago. Nick has done a wonderful job with all aspects, and should be very proud of The Crest.

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