I like the friendly atmosphere of the staff and, like the infamous CHEERS bar, eveyone knows my name.

Great gym – it’s never too crowded. I can get in and get my workout done. The staff is always friendly and the location is very convenient for me!

This is the best gym in Wilmington…hands down.

I have been a Crest member for the last 4 years. I can honestly say that the owner of this club cares about helping people get into shape and also providing a clean and very well run facility. The recent renovations and expansion were by far the best yet.

I like the knowledgeable staff and the accessibility of Nick plus the fact it is not crowded.

I like the club alot. I like the fact that it is not full of muscle-bound ego-maniacsmostly normal folks like me trying to get in shape!

It is a great club. I like the small size, the atmosphere.

I enjoy that it is small and there are a lot of people my age. It is not a meat factory. Staff is very friendly and always willing to do what they can to be helpful.

I’ve always been very pleased with what the Crest has to offer. I appreciate having a club nearby that offers childcare!! I often prefer classes to the equipment

Wanda is the best. Great location. Hours are great.

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